Francistown College of Programming Advantage Award

The Francistown College of Programming Advantage Award is a programme of activity developed to recognise and reward extracurricular responsibilities. It allows you to gain recognition for participating in a wide range of of activities accredited by the college and sows employers that you have gained valuable skills and knowledge during your time here. Activities includes voluntering in local schools and becoming active in the local community.

initiatives to help you succed.

Our Careers and Employability Servce organises and promotes a range of opportunities which include:

  1. an award-wining inside Employement module - working in small teams, you will research careers in different sectors, before presenting your findings to employers and academics.
  2. the careers in programe of talks - delivered by experienced practitioners and alumni, these talks provide a valuable insight intocareers such as the mediaand PR.
  3. skills workshops, led by representatives of well-regarded graduate recruiters - these will provide you with an opportunity to develop vital employability skills.
  4. skills workshops led by carrers advisors and employers on aspects of the recruitment process including writing applications and interview techniques.
  5. the student business planning competition, a series of workshops to help you gain the skills you willneed to set up your own busines after graduation.

work experience and part-time work

staff can help you find part-time and temporary work, enabling you to boost your finances, gain work experience, build your CV and develop valuable skills.

Our Alumni

An exciting beginning you'll leave us not just with a recognised certificate but with a critical way of thinking and the ability to work independently. On graduating, you'll automatically become part of our alumni - a global network of former students whom we bring together to share their knowledge and contacts. We recently launched our Impact Campaign which encourages graduates to get involved with a series of projects that will benefit society locally, nationally and globally.


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